Our Technology

An integrated platform to manage the journey of a pill

We start with advanced technology in the patient home for medication management, then layer in additional monitoring to better personalize and transform the care experience. Specializing in multi-med scenarios, we work with consumers, health plans and physician practices to provide clinical oversight and proactive care for those with complex health needs. Our closed-loop system allows for health outcome-centred pathways supported by digitally enabled pharmacy automation, personalized dose-level medication delivery in the last mile with validated 3rd party adherence rates of 98%, connected devices reporting on patient experience and engagement, and pharmacist-led clinical care.

We go beyond adherence to connect care:

With AdhereNet®, pharmacists can engage with patients and effectively manage medication adherence through dashboards, tracking, and reporting, that is fully integrated in real-time. As a fully scalable medication management solution, AdhereNet works effectively with one patient, or with tens of thousands of patients.

oneMAR (eMAR)

oneMAR® Is a safer, simpler and more effective method for medication administration. It links a pharmacy with the healthcare facilities it serves to share vital medication and patient care information, and tracks medication events electronically to ensure patients get the right medications at the right time

Custom Companion

In-home med dispenser reminds people when it’s time to take their medication and then dispenses the right pills at the right time. Connecting the individual, pharmacist, and circle of care, in real-time, helping to track progress and allowing for clinical oversight.

Parawell HIE

Parawell provides access to personalized, real-time, patient data from medical and laboratory records, monitoring devices, and wearables. It provides a broad set of capabilities for virtual care, patient engagement, appointment scheduling and care team coordination that work together to improve the pharmacy and patient experience.

CentralFill (hub OS)

CentralFill supply chain software manages ordering and inventory tracking functions between Central Fill pharmacies and their pharmacy customers. Our fully automated, high capacity hubs allow community pharmacists to rapidly deploy our digital health tools, while freeing up time for patient care.

Peripheral Devices

Custom Health provides in-home medication delivery and remote patient monitoring tools to improve patient health outcomes. We introduce simple to use technology to patients at home, monitor in real-time with clinical pharmacists, and provide reports to simplify RPM billing.

Remote monitoring in-home medication as it is dispensed

We go beyond adherence
to connected care

  • Real-time monitoring in-home medication as it is dispensed, ask personalized questions, and set reminders for patients
  • Review data gathered by Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuffs, scales and other monitoring devices to track patient progress in real time
  • Conduct virtual visits via the dispenser’s user-friendly built-in camera
Custom Health leading edge digital health tools

Custom Health removes barriers to digital health, makes personalized care scalable, and enables high-quality care at a lower overall cost

High capacity — We own and operate automated central-fill hubs
Personalized care — Our community pharmacy network delivers locally
At home — Our digital health solutions are simple to use and can change lives Our clinical pharmacy team monitors, analyzes and acts on real-time data

Actionable insights, customizing's what we do

Quality, personalized patient care delivered by a team of remote pharmacy experts in medication management, analyzing patient data, and turning a bunch of measures and numbers into actionable insights, customizing care, that’s what we do and here’s how we do it:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Depression & Schizophrenia
  • Developmental Disabilities & Disabled
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Tumour
  • Transplant
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Medication is lifesaving. But half the people on five meds or more don’t take them as directed.

Medication errors add to healthcare costs at an estimated $528US billion annually.

Medication non-adherence, or not taking medications as prescribed, costs the healthcare system, and it can harm individuals, not to mention worry loved ones. Tracking it is just the beginning of tackling the problem of suboptimal medication management.

Custom Health ensures the right medication is taken at the right time, then goes beyond adherence to make sure medications are doing what they should. With real-time monitoring and medication management, our pharmacist-driven team is committed to taking the guesswork out of medication management.