Custom Health and Tabula Rasa Collaboration


MOORESTOWN, N.J., Aug. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tabula Rasa HealthCare® Corporation (NASDAQ: TRHC), a healthcare technology company advancing the field of medication safety, announced today an agreement to deliver clinical telepharmacy services for Custom Health. A personalized medication delivery company, Custom Health uses a digital pharmacy network to drive patient-centric care. This new partnership will provide an integrated platform for comprehensive medication management and safety, keeping patients safe at home.

Custom Health’s enhanced medication adherence program, “Connected Care at Home,” brings together technology and pharmacy networks. Its direct-to-patient device integrates in-home medication dispensing and real-time patient feedback to provide data-driven insights for improved patient outcomes. TRHC’s clinical telepharmacy services will provide medication monitoring for adherence and coordination with providers to optimize clinical results. With the addition of TRHC’s data science, analytics, and expertise, Custom Health offers a complete package to health plans for improving quality metrics, including Star Ratings and HEDIS measures.

“Our digital service is a robust, scalable solution for medication adherence and triage of real-time, patient-reported outcome data,” says Rahul Chopra, President of Custom Health. “The data we collect, coupled with TRHC’s clinical pharmacy technology, data science, and support, will greatly impact the lives of patients living with chronic conditions. Together with TRHC, we’re leveraging our collective intellectual property and services to deliver high quality, personalized care to people at home.”

“Our clinical call centers ensure safe and effective medication use for millions of patients,” states TRHC Chairman and CEO Calvin H. Knowlton, PhD. “TRHC will provide highly personalized support for patients who use Custom Health’s connected care service. Our SinfoniaRx division clinical staff will monitor and intervene, when necessary, to address barriers to medication adherence, prevent adverse drug events, and relay relevant data to care teams for timely actions that improve health outcomes.”

In 2018, 5.8 billion prescriptions were fulfilled by pharmacies in the U.S. per the IQVIA™ Institute for Human Data Science. Prescriptions for chronic, persistent conditions accounted for more than two-thirds of all orders. Medication adherence remains an ongoing challenge with high non-adherence rates resulting in a failure to reduce the progression of chronic disease, causing higher healthcare costs from unnecessary ER visits and increased hospital and nursing home admissions.

A recent study validates that pharmacist-led interventions improve adherence and reduce total healthcare costs. Telepharmacy solutions can provide a critical link to homebound patients who require ongoing care for chronic conditions, especially during stay-at-home orders prompted by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic.

About Tabula Rasa HealthCare
TRHC (NASDAQ:TRHC) is a leader in providing patient-specific, data-driven technology and solutions that enable healthcare organizations to optimize medication regimens to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospitalizations, lower healthcare costs and manage risk. TRHC provides solutions for a range of payers, providers and other healthcare organizations. For more information, visit

About Custom Health
Custom Health ( connects people at home to a personalized medication delivery and adherence monitoring system to improve health outcomes and lower total cost of care. Custom Health contracts with health systems for in-home connected care, patient reported outcomes improvement delivered through its digital pharmacy network, prescription medicine delivery adherence management, and a centralized filling backbone. Custom Health is powered by Catalyst Healthcare (, whose patented AdhereNet® platform links pharmacists, patients and care teams to manage drug complexity and improve medication adherence.