Custom Health at Missouri Tech Fest


Custom Health, will be at the Missouri Department of Mental Health Tech Fest February 17th and 24th to demonstrate how Missourians with developmental disabilities, now authorized to have supportive technology funded though Medicaid, can access our medication management and connected care. Approved assistive technology includes access to our home medication hub connected to pharmacists and care teams to effectively manage med adherence and enable independent living.

“As a Technology First State, we are very excited to offer vendors at Tech Fest who can provide assistive technologies to help people remain independent and pursue their goals and dreams”, said Holly Reiff, Missouri Department of Mental Health, Provider Relations Specialist for Assistive Technology. “We are passionate about the opportunities these technologies present for people we serve and for the people who support them.”

“We are pleased to join Tech Fest as vendors as we work to improve access for all Missourians to our medication management technologies that we know will improve independence, safety and access to better health care,” said Shannon Shores, Custom Health Representative.

As Missouri continues to implement its plan to become a Technology First State for people with developmental disabilities, Custom Health will be available to educate advocates, families, guardians, support coordinators and agency staff about our connected care services that serve Missourians. Custom Health is aligned with Missouri’s Technology First initiative, which encourages considering the use of technology for any service need or support that can improve quality of life, independence, and privacy.

Custom Health is pleased to help address the care crisis provide people supported by Missouri’s home and community-based services who have access to both assistive technology and remote support options in the state.

Find out more about us here or visit the Custom Health room at Tech Fest.

We are passionate about the opportunities these technologies present for people we serve and the people who support them.

Holly Reiff, Provider Relations Specialist for Assistive Technology