Custom Health Marks Five Years in Ontario


Custom Health celebrates five years of digital health

Providing patients with high-level personalized healthcare to manage multiple chronic diseases over the past five years has made Custom Health the go-to healthcare option for those with complex medication needs. Custom Health patients average 57 years of age and take approximately 10 medications. Fifty-eight percent are living with diabetes, and 41% take medications to support mental health. The majority of Custom Health patients are managing more than four chronic diseases. Our team provides groundbreaking digital healthcare to patients across Ontario of which a quarter of the population lives with multiple chronic diseases. The need for an integrated healthcare approach to improve each patient's individual experience and to manage costs associated with the burden of chronic disease is clear. 

Watch how GM Teresa Pitre explains how we do it. Read our full announcement here.

The impact of digital healthcare was virtually unknown when we started out. Our personalized healthcare approach leverages technology to enable pharmacists' oversight of care and enhance what patients experience.

Teresa Pitre, GM Custom Health