New Name: Custom Health


New name, new look

We are so pleased to share that we are now Custom Health. The name change reflects the company’s commitment to personalizing care, using our unique ability to organize and act on real-time health data and insights. 

Rapid growth, an outcomes-based focus and a dedicated team have positioned Custom Health as a leader in integrated healthcare delivery. From its first fully automated prescription fulfilment center and best in class technology in the patient home, coupled with a high-capacity clinical team, Custom Health has realized the ability to provide a custom approach to the care of individuals.

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We have evolved as a company, and Custom Health reflects who we are today. Over the past two years, we have assembled our solution piece by piece, each strengthening our ability to deliver custom care at scale, with a singular commitment to changing people’s lives.

Kasumi Oda, VP Marketing

Custom Health helps people who take medication have the best possible health outcomes. We connect patients with their circle of care, help them to take prescription medicines as prescribed with easy-to-use digital health tools, then go beyond adherence to make sure those medications are doing what they should. Our integrated healthcare delivery model includes personalized medication management, always-on clinical oversight, remote patient monitoring, and home-based care.