Health Plan of San Mateo & Custom Health


Custom Health provides clinical oversight & personalized care

Custom Health is pleased to announce an agreement to bring digital healthcare to members of the Health Plan of San Mateo with programs supporting people taking multiple medications.

Medication management, and adherence tracking combined with proactive care will be provided to members managing chronic diseases, struggling with medication adherence or feeling challenged to manage their health. Our integrated healthcare approach is focused on improving individual patients’ experiences to help give them the best possible health outcome. Read more about our work together here.

Our work with HPSM to bring our pharmacist-driven, personalized health care approach to their patients is aligned with the notion of a Quadruple Aim strategy that optimizes the performance of a health care system. Custom Health is enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, and lowering the cost of care for health systems, and we aim to streamline patient data to relieve the load on health care providers.

Rahul Chopra, CEO Custom Health.