Managed Healthcare Executive: Rahul Chopra


L.A. Care Pilot Seeks Data to Improve Health Outcomes

The push to use technology to improve medication adherence is at the heart of a new pilot program between Custom Health and L.A.Care Health Plan, the largest publicly operated health plan in the United States. The partnership will help L.A. Care better manage the cost of care and health outcomes of patients, while also creating a data set to demonstrate the benefits of the program. The solution to improving patient adherence is not just about using devices to track when medications are taken or compiling data to help understand when and why patients miss doses. Rather, the solution will be about leveraging all of those tools together in order to holistically understand and address the unique reasons for non-adherence on a patient-by-patient level. Read the full article here.

Adherence is the first line of the care system...The industry standards in adherence are quite sparse and only partially represent patient needs.

Rahul Chopra, CEO Custom Health