Custom Health at Medicaid Innovations Forum

14th Annual, Feb 6 – 7 in Orlando, Florida

14th Annual, Feb 6 – 7 in Orlando, Florida

Find us at the Medicaid Innovations Forum

Custom Health, a leading provider of integrated digital healthcare and clinical pharmacy solutions will join hundreds of other health services and professionals at the 14th Annual Medicaid Innovations Forum, February 6 – 7 in Orlando, Florida. We are looking forward to the panel discussion about innovations in virtual care models to address access, outcomes, and affordability. In developed countries, including the US, the WHO estimates that medication adherence is in the range of 50%, which falls well below the level required to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatments. To ensure treatments are working as intended and medications are doing what they should, Custom Health has developed a system that relays, in real-time, the medication-taking behavior of individuals to their pharmacy, flagging issues proactively to intervene or optimize therapy. The Custom Health ecosystem includes an in-home drug dispensing device and remote pharmacist-led support for individuals or members of health plans.

I’m delighted to share what Custom Health is doing to improve health outcomes and access through innovative virtual care programs. We see first-hand how our innovative telehealth and clinical pharmacy services combined with real-time monitoring can help address gaps in care in even the most challenging populations.

Cathy Kuhn, VP Clinical Offerings