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Custom Health has fully automated, high-volume pharmacy hubs in Langley and Chilliwack. These hubs provide direct patient care and work with community pharmacies across British Columbia to 'go digital' with spencer, MyMedTimes, and oneMAR®.

Custom Health Pharmacy Chilliwack
A short distance from three retirement facilities with more than 400 seniors in residence, a walk away from the local hospital and more than 60 practicing physician offices, this pharmacy hub is the go-to for physicians and care staff referring their patients for help with medication management. Our six staff share a passion for managing patients' medications. They understand common challenges with medication adherence and offer the best options to help seniors remain independent and age in place; in fact, we have helped more than 800 seniors remain independent with our medication adherence solutions. We are recognized by our community for the role we play in conserving health system resources and keeping seniors safe at home.

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45555 A Hodgins Avenue, Chilliwack, BC V2P 1P3
  • Multi-dose strip / pouches / sachets
  • In-home dispenser (spencer) refills

Michael Barbary, BPharm

GM Custom Health Vancouver

After two years as a staff pharmacist with Shoppers Drug Mart, Michael opened his own pharmacy in Chilliwack, BC. He quickly realized that helping people – especially seniors – to take their medication as prescribed had a significant impact. Using multiple solutions, he helped more than 800 seniors to stay independent at home, and in 2020, took his services to the next level by introducing spencer. Michael brings passion for patient care and real-world experience with digital health tools and pharmacy automation to his leadership role as General Manager of Custom Health Vancouver, with high volume central fill pharmacy hubs in Langley and Chilliwack. He holds a BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Alexandria, Egypt.

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