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Custom Health has a fully automated, high-volume pharmacy hub in Orlando, FL. This hub provides direct patient care and works with community pharmacies across the nation to 'go digital' with spencer, MyMedTimes, and oneMAR®.

Opened in 2012, this is the first Custom Health pharmacy hub, and continues to incubate and perfect distribution capabilities.

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7531 Currency Dr. Orlando, FL 32809

  • Multi-dose strip / pouches / sachets
  • In-home dispenser (spencer) refills

Jane Garrison, PharmD

GM Custom Health Orlando

Jane has extensive experience managing and leading pharmacy teams in national-chain, independent and long-term care pharmacies, and she has also served hospice organizations. Prior to joining Custom Health, she managed medication fulfillment for 40 assisted living facilities and 13 skilled nursing facilities. Jane is a strong advocate for medication accuracy, excellence in patient care, and clear communication with patients and their families to support medication adherence.

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