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Custom Health has a fully automated, high-volume pharmacy hub in Saskatoon, SK. This hub provides direct patient care and works with community pharmacies across the province to 'go digital' with spencer, MyMedTimes, and oneMAR®.

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1-527 Nelson Road (Upper)
Saskatoon, SK S7S 1P4
  • Multi-dose strip / pouches / sachets
  • In-home dispenser (spencer) refills

Devin Elias, BSP

GM Custom Health Saskatoon

Devin is passionate about leveraging technology to improve safety and efficiency and works closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to improve access to pharmacy services for marginalized, isolated and remote individuals and communities. As the owner & operator of Willowgrove Pharmacy since 2013, Devin has extensive experience putting innovation into practice in homecare, First Nations communities, correctional facilities, nursing homes and for those with intellectual disabilities. He holds a BSc in Pharmacy and Anatomy from the University of Saskatchewan.

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