Custom Health stops the guesswork when it comes to taking medication accurately and on time

Stop the guesswork

Guessing can be fun. But not when
it comes to medication.

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We stop the guesswork.
Here's how:
I remind you when it's time to take your medications

Reminders when it's time to take your meds

I dispense the pills you need when you need them

Pills dispensed when you need them

Your medications are delivered to your door

Meds sorted, personalized and delivered to you

I talk directly to your pharmacist

Real-time connectivity with your pharmacist and built-in camera for telehealth

I come with a great caregiver app

A connected app for caregivers

Thank you for choosing Custom Health,
we're excited to change your care experience!

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Includes use of spencer, home delivery & setup, built-in cell connection (no wifi required), medication packaging & delivery, Bluetooth connectivity to health monitoring devices, built-in camera for telehealth, remote monitoring, 24/7 support, caregiver app (pictured below).

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Custom Health helps people to take medication as prescribed with easy-to-use digital health tools, and then goes beyond adherence to make sure those meds are doing what they should. Medication is life-saving. Stop the guesswork.